HDPE Pipes and Fittings

Shree Harikrishna Group is one of the Ahmedabad, Gujarat leading manufacturer and supplier of HDPE pipes and fittings meeting the needs of the construction. Shree Harikrishna group manufacturing and supplier conform to ISO-9001-2008 Marks Company. The Full Form of HDPE is High density poly Ethylene. The HDPE pipes having different like PE 64, PE 80, PE 100 etc. all are having its own properties which are strength to use. As HDPE pipes and fitting working condition in temperature, pressure and fluid properties. SHK High density polyethylene pipes are made from polyethylene a cost effective materials used for broad range of pipes and fitting solution. Our expert have been subjected to most difficult test and demonstrated visible over ground, surface, covered, slip lined, and sub-surface of any application.

The HDPE pipes and fittings are carrying portable water, wastewater, slurries, chemical etc. Polyethylene pipes have long services of gas, oil, mining and other industries and this all are having long repair frequency as compared to other. Shree harikrishna group HDPE pipes and fitting are strong enough and very durable as you are seeing for long service, trouble free installation; flexible and other features Shree Harikrishna group will be ready to clear your all requirements.


HDPE pipes


Shree Harikrishna Group company have for several years been confidently supplier their range of HDPE pipes and fitting which is successfully used for variety of application in Civil, Agricultural, Industrial sectors, Solar plants etc. which provide good chemical resistance properties and they also used in the chemical and waste application also.

Features of HDPE pipes and fittings

  • It has Great effect quality strength
  • Having Excellent corrosion resistance which has long and efficient services life
  • Easy handling
  • Fewer joints
  • Lower pumping cost
  • Easy installation
  • Can be used in any location
  • Wide variety of application and installation.
  • Smooth inner walls minimizes frictional losses
  • Safe and proper water supply.

Advantages of HDPE pipes and fittings

  • HDPE pipes and fitting has general properties of liquid inside.
  • HDPE channels are hold greenery because of the inward surface can be utilized as a part of drinking water framework
  • Easy to convey in light of the weight and along lines
  • This pipes do not conduct any type of electricity
  • It good level of friction, wear and has a rustproof.
  • It’s too solid against microorganisms.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • It will not affect any underground process.
  • High Resistance to chemical attack

Some Testimonials

  1. Shree Hari Krishna group has been a reliable, cost effective, and quality supplier to clients. They have great services in productively getting quotes back and adequately delivering their items to meet requesting plan. We thing of them as one of the our top providers.
  2. When we are looking for quality products and great clients services look no further than Shree Harikrishna Group.