Shree harikrishna Group is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of the PPR-C triple layer pipes and fitting in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It offers you the latest and most advanced solution for hot and cold water supply in building and construction. Shree Harikrishna Group which have team of high professional which uses high technology and innovation for manufacture the pipes and uses superior quality of materials to meet high stringent quality standard anywhere in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, PPR-C Pipe Manufacturer, PPR-C Pipe Exporter . It is an extremely gives you cost effective and true value for your money.


PPR-3 Layer Pipe Manufacturer

The pipes and fitting are available from 16mm to 170 mm with necessary heating tools and accessories. The SHK have several years of experience supply to many of the city in Gujarat, India which built high quality PPR-C triple layer pipes and fitting likes

  • High effect quality
  • High erosion resistance
  • Cleanly protected
  • Weight less

The PPR-C triple layer pipes and fitting which is manufacture with the help of three protective layers.

  • The white inward layer comes in direct contact with different liquids. That is made hostile to microbial to secure against bacterial free development. In this way it guarantees a very proper sound stream of water to help wellbeing of its clients.
  • The dark black center layer gives some common imperviousness to UV radiation.
  • The green outer surface layer is an UV stabilizer layer it bestows long haul strength hence upgrading the life of the item.

Features of Shree Harikrishna Group PPR-C Triple layer pipes and fittings

  • UV protection pipes
  • Manufacture with 3 layers with less weight , excellent creep resistance, and help safe and smooth transportation of the fluid under pressure
  • Having 15 years of warranty


The SHK PPR-C Triple layer piping system has been designed for hot and cold water supply. It is highly used for safe when dependable flow of fluids is required.

  • Indoor and outdoor installation of hot and cold water supply for residential, industrial, and public area
  • projects
  • Solar heater
  • Drinking water
  • Liquid foods
  • Gardens and greenhouses
  • Heavy chemicals
  • Water cleaning
  • Air appropriation and packed air.