PPR-FR Pipes and Fittings

PPR-FR pipes is made of polypropylene Random copolymer which is approved for the generation of pipe indicated by measure, designed, for the transportation of convenient hot and cold water distribution system with a really long life time. Installation technique is one of the extraordinary properties of PPR pipe and fittings are connected and welded by melting. It will perfectly weld from space parts and body an interconnected system without any leakage points.

PPR-FR pipes and fittings Shree Harikrishna Group is one of the most manufacture and supplier for products pipes and fittings. We are having complete range of Polypropylene random copolymer for hot and cold water connection of all uses.



PPR-FR Pipe Manufacturer

The PPR Pipe India are exposure to ultraviolet radiation aging degradation long-term installation in outdoor or direct sunlight place which have bind up with dark protective layer. This is highly utilized in each and every uses like Agriculture, Liquids ,foods , solar plants , Swimming pools, Residential uses , industries, Rain water utilization system , Irrigation system for gardens,etc. many more. Pipes introduced in the fixing tube and embellishment layer must be test before. Cold water pipe weight test weight for the framework working weight of 1.2 times yet should not be under 1 mpa. If the pipe frame work is having 2 times then it should not be under 1.5 Mpa. Testing time and techniques should be required more.

Features of PPR-FR pipes and fittings.

  • High concoction resistance control even at high temperature.
  • Anti-fungal and non-dangerous item free from the development of any microscopic organisms.
  • Watertight and water air proof homogenous joint by combination welding strategies.
  • Acquired normal for high effect quality makes its reasonable for modern application at untalented work area.
  • Inconvenience free establishment prepare and light in weight for transmit.

Why PPR-FR pipes system?

Shree harikrishna Group which provides dependability and strength of pipelines frame which straight forward relies on upon the quality and properties of the essential substance. The innovation of PPR which joins various significant elements which makes it the best choice for pressurized cold and hot water framework.

Advantages of PPR–FR pipes and fittings.

Long life:- Over many years of experience in manufacture PPR-FR pipes it has minimum 25 years life span it will be stable up to 60o and operation pressure.
Chemical Endurance and mechanical strength:- It shows high resistance in chemical it has good resistance in mechanic strength with based on the elasticity and capable to maintain in very low temperature.
Color:- It’s available in all colors as per your choice, available in Red, blue, green, gray, white and black generally it’s highly developed in soft color which gives attraction to your building and this product is having high impact strength.
Rust resistant:- It high life span and good elastic properties they have smooth internal surface which provide less friction and have smooth inside and outside to flow heavy of water and they are rust resistant.
Certificate:- The Shree Harikrishna group is an ISO -9001-2008 certified company